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Artemisia with absinthe bottleArtemisia: closeupArtemisia: nightstand nightcap
(Need a (digital) drink? Place your order.)

Artemisia prefers to go by the name "Missy". She's easy to spot: she's a slight eight inches high and green, with translucent dragonfly wings that spread outward from her back.

Missy is an anthropomorphization of alcohol (especially absinthe, but more generally any alcoholic drink) and its effects on humans. Her appearance is based on the popular concept of la fée verte, with some divergence caused by the passage of time and Missy developing a more human personality.

She can alter both human perception of reality and, to some degree, actual reality around her. Her main uses of this power are to "turn off" her wings (they're fragile) and to appear human-size but still green.

It's not surprising that a booze pixie would make a good bartender. Missy sincerely likes to listen to human woes - almost as much as she likes to butt in when she feels somebody needs a dose of reality. She can also be relied on to magically produce somebody's favorite drink upon request (unless they're underage - she isn't picky about years, but she won't serve a potentially lethal substance to a visibly prepubescent kid. She will serve them ginger ale, etc).

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